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“Re-start my heart”

How long that you work really hard?  Always thinks about job.  and no time for relax.

How long that many pressured put to you  and you must to handle it?

How many time that you say….I’m okay.  But, In your heart say …Not okay?

And How many time that….Your heart ask for re-start ?


If life is game.  It’s so easy to re-start every time that you want to play it again.  But in real life we don’t know how to re-start.

I have thinking about re-start my heart.  When I’m sick and spend a lot of time with myself.  I found that….I’m spend life with job until I don’t care another environment near me.  It’s good and not good.  Because I  can received good result from job.   But,  Some function in my life is less.  Example : I always think about job.  Spend 90% of my life for improve my job. Yes, It’s good for company.  Good for customer.  But It’s not good for relationship in family.   Because  I have no time for important relationship.

When I sick….I have enough time to sleep.  I have enough time to see myself in the past. I want to say thank you for quality of time.  Yes,  I Just know that…..I should make life is balance.

Actually, If I always stay with myself long enough.  I will see some signal from my heart.  The signal is ask for re-start.  At the moment,  I learn that…I must have work life balance. How many thing in my life is important.  I must to spend time with it.  At least, I must have enough time for play with my dog.

Time is like river,  When it’s already past.  We can’t call it back.   So,We should spend time with the important moment.    Actually,  “Life is moment”.  We have many small moment. Then we call all of that moment is “Life”.

From now,  I will focus with “Moment” in my life.  It’s good time  for restart my heart.  After I cover my health.  I will spend my life with the good moment.  Then  I will have the good life.


Thank you for free time.

Thank you the signal from my health.  From  now, I will good take care myself.




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